Extended digital sponsor campaign

The Law Society


The Law Society


Extended digital sponsor campaign


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May 2019 - September 2019

The brief

The Law Society’s Partnerships team wanted to reach out to companies in a range of specific business areas to grow its database of potential corporate partners, sponsors and advertisers on Law Society channels. DTW was asked to provide an innovative digital campaign to target key individuals and businesses, drawing them into the Partnerships team’s existing sales and marketing pipeline.

What we did

We developed a targeted social media based advertising campaign running across two distinct streams of activity:

  1. Partner advertising focused on reaching potential partners for Law Society activity and events in specific business areas including Cybersecurity, Finance, HR, and Technology. We developed a creative for the ads which demonstrated the strength of the opportunity as well as the potential for partners right across England and Wales.
  2. Sponsors activity aimed primarily at generating sales leads for Law Society publications including Law Gazette and Law Gazette online. We targeted organisations who could offer discounts and benefits to Law Society Members in specific areas including Lifestyle, Retail, Telecoms, Travel and Automotive. Our creative for this stream of work focused on working in partnership to develop solutions, emphasising the benefits of being a Law Society partner.

Across each activity stream we developed an advertising plan using LinkedIn and Twitter which further segmented the audiences into three profiles per workstream, allowing us to present highly relevant messaging and creatives to them within the adverts


The three-month campaign allowed the Partnerships team at the Law Society to coordinate wider follow up and engagement activity alongside the digital advertising

A number of new potential partners and advertisers were identified allowing the Law Society commercial team to engage with them and develop relationships.






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