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January - December 2022

The Brief

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) appointed DTW to create a campaign that would support its UK teacher members, who were facing challenges due to the impact of Covid-19 on the dance profession. 

The campaign needed to raise the profile and benefits of dance, showcasing the quality of ISTD teachers and driving traffic to the Find a Dance Teacher directory, as well as directly to members’ businesses. 

Our Work

Our strategy was to visually bring to life how dance positively impacts people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

We worked with the ISTD to develop a fun, fresh and inclusive ‘Find Your Dance Space’ campaign. The campaign showed students performing different genres of dance along with emotive key messages promoting dance as being a space to have fun and express yourself, build confidence, make friends and make you feel your best. 

We provided members with access to a suite of Intro to Marketing business guides first to help improve their marketing skills and knowledge. Then we provided a ‘Find Your Dance Space’ marketing toolkit – including customisable templates – so members could personalise campaign resources and launch their own campaigns, increasing reach, driving enquiries directly to their businesses, and maximising long-term impact.

We then launched the public campaign across social media, using high-impact graphics and inspiring videos. The benefits of dance were brought to life through video case studies also published across social media, as well as in the media, and Shirley Ballas fronted a high-profile event teaching primary school students to dance.


‘Find Your Dance Space’ was well-executed, impactful, and informed by research. It gained the support of high-profile figures Shirley Ballas and Oti Mabuse and helped promote positive change, inspiring a love of dance and physical activity among young people which can lead to improved physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The campaign brought real stories to life through video, evoking strong emotions and motivating people to visit the Find a Dance Teacher directory.


  • 25 million+ media reach including coverage on ITV1 London, BBC1 London, The Mirror, The Daily Express, and First News 
  • 9,925 unique visits to the Find a Dance Teacher directory 
  • 4,894 member profile views 
  • 837 unique downloads of member business guides 
  • 658 unique downloads of member marketing templates 
  • 64,100 social media engagements and 8,353 clicks 
  • 1.6 million+ social media impressions 
  • 3,676 engagements with and 1,597 link clicks on member business guide and marketing toolkit social media content 

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25 million+

Media reach

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Unique visits to the Find a Dance Teacher directory

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1.6 million+

Social media impressions

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image of case study
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