Our approach

Our approach to delivery is based on the DTW Strategic Communications Model.

DTW Strategic Communications Model

Graphic showing Venn diagram of DTW strategic communications model with three overlapping cycles representing the stages of the model - Analyse, Create and Engage

We use our unique DTW Strategic Communications Model as the bedrock of all our work. It’s a three-stage model for delivering communications and marketing with purpose and impact.

Each of our model’s three stages are grounded in years of experience and best practice.

We will:

We ensure our work is focused in the right areas by analysing your challenges using our seven-point checklist.

Working collaboratively with you, this enables us to understand the issues and identify the right strategic communications and marketing solutions for your organisation.


  1. confirm what it is you want to achieve
  2. establish where you are now 
  3. use baseline data to set a benchmark
  4. map your important internal and external stakeholders
  5. identify the challenges that need overcoming to deliver success
  6. identify available skills and resources
  7. agree clear objectives to focus marketing and communications activity.

Using this analysis and insight, we work with your team to create bespoke targeted solutions that will deliver results. 


  • deliver creative sessions to inform and develop strategies, campaign plans and creative ideas
  • develop key messages, CTAs and tactics that will engage your target audiences
  • set KPIs to define and measure success
  • create an action plan and identify resources and responsibilities for delivery.

With the right strategy, messaging and creative ideas in place, we work alongside you to deliver the project, ensuring two-way engagement with your target audiences. 


  • work with your team to implement our agreed plans 
  • monitor data and feedback to measure effectiveness and understand audience perception
  • refine and improve activity, delivering more of what works best
  • evaluate performance against agreed KPIs and objectives to measure success.

Delivering success for you.

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