Connect. Grow. Contribute

Q community, led by the Health Foundation


Q community, led by the Health Foundation


Connect. Grow. Contribute: 2023 member recruitment campaign


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January – December 2023

The Brief

Q, led by the Health Foundation, is a community of thousands of people across the UK and Ireland, collaborating to improve the safety and quality of health and care. 

Q appointed DTW to create a campaign to accelerate growth in membership and help meet its organisational targets, following a period of reduced applications during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The campaign aimed to increase the number of successful applications to the Q community and raise the profile of Q throughout the health and care sector. 

Our Work

Our strategy was to create an impactful campaign, ‘Connect. Grow. Contribute’, with a clear value proposition, using in-depth research to pinpoint what mattered most to potential members to connect and resonate with them. 

Working with the Q team, we identified key audiences based on job roles and created tailored value propositions and key messaging informed by research and insight on what member benefits mattered most to each audience group. Key messaging was further refined following a survey to current Q members and in-depth research calls with potential members of Q, positioning Q as a welcoming community empowering members to make significant real-world change to health and care. 

Next, we created a suite of ever-green content to form the foundations of a campaign that continues to grow organically with a long-term impact. 

We spoke with Q partners across the UK and Ireland to understand their channels and links to potential members. That insight was then used to inform and create a pack of digital and print ready materials to help partners promote Q membership throughout their networks.

We empowered current members to get involved – providing a comprehensive guide of how they could support the campaign and promote Q membership to their colleagues and contacts – and created a resource pack comprising virtual call backgrounds, social media content, email banners, digital leaflets, and email templates for them to use. 

The campaign was launched on social media – both organic and paid – using tailored messaging, informative carousels, on-brand creatives, and impactful video snippets. This was supported by Google Search ads, member case studies to bring Q membership to life, and through enewsletters to members – encouraging them to support the campaign. 


‘Connect. Grow. Contribute’ successfully increased applications to Q in addition to increasing awareness of the community throughout the health and care sector. 

The campaign reflected what matters most to potential members, bringing Q membership to life through strong messaging and engaging creative content across a range of channels, providing ever green materials for a campaign with longevity. 

• 44% increase in visits to Join Q web pages

• 21% increase of total applications

• 513 visits to member resources page

• 209k social media and online ad impressions

• 2,443 engagements on social media posts/ads and search ads

Simple line graphic of a pencil and a document
21% increase

in applications

Simple line graphic of a globe with an eye over the top
44% increase

in visits to the 'Join Q' page

Simple line graphic of a heart in a speech bubble

social media & online ad impressions

image of case study
image of case study
image of case study