Don’t cause a bincident – Summer fire prevention campaign

Environmental Services Association


Environmental Services Association


Don’t cause a bincident – Summer fire prevention campaign




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June - September 2023

The Brief

DTW was commissioned to develop a high-impact public summer awareness campaign for the Environmental Services Association (ESA).

This digital campaign addressed the most common causes of recycling and waste fires, highlighting the dangers associated with the improper disposal of items like compressed gas and firepit ashes and signposted them to the correct way to dispose of them. We developed a creative approach and a digital supporter toolkit for the campaign that launched in June 2023.

The campaign creative and messaging targeted members of the public urging them not to put dangerous items in the bin to avoid a “bincident”. By raising awareness of this, they aimed to help reduce the number of fires at recycling and waste facilities during the summer months.

Our Work

Our design studio started by developing a bold, attention-grabbing, and colourful creative concept for the campaign around a bright summer theme, with high-impact graphics to capture the general public’s attention – warning the public not to cause a ‘bincident’.

The campaign imagery remained consistent across the range of targeted materials with the use of “Bincident” to simplify and describe fires that occur in the waste management processes.

The campaign was used to highlight the most common causes of recycling and waste fires which can occur from the improper disposal of items such as compressed gas, BBQ and firepit ashes, cigarette lighters, matches, batteries, electronic devices, flammable liquids and vape devices.

It urged the public to instead take flammable or explosive items to a household waste recycling centre or check with their council about which service to use.

Campaign delivery included a digital supporter toolkit for organisations to download from the ESA website – assets were developed to be organically published across social media channels and adaptable to their own needs.

The toolkit included social media content for use over various platforms, graphics and a user guide for supporters to use to make their own collateral – some created physical signage at Household Waste Recycling Centres and other public spaces.


The campaign ran from June 2023 through to September 2023 and achieved coverage in key recycling trade media including Let’s Recycle, Materials Recycling World and Skip Hire Magazine.

The supporter toolkit was promoted and distributed to around 300 organisations including local authorities, recycling and waste management businesses and regional fire and rescue services.

Overall, the campaign toolkit was downloaded 522 times and further adopted by Hull City Council as display ads for their waste collection vehicles and also by Leicestershire Council for adaption into posters across their recycling sites.

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