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Customer Service Survey


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2019 – ongoing

The Brief

Towards the end of 2017, the Mersey Gateway Bridge opened as a toll road. This was a major change for residents in Halton and the surrounding areas, and toll operator merseyflow wanted to understand satisfaction levels with their service.

In 2019, merseyflow asked DTW to carry out research amongst their customer base to measure overall satisfaction and identify successes and areas for service improvement. This will now be an annual piece of research.

Our Work

For both surveys, DTW identified and proposed questions based on known areas of focus and issues arising from consultation meetings with the client. The survey was created in collaboration with the client, with them providing operations and marketing insight to ensure the capture of useful, informative and accurate data. We created online and print versions of the survey to maximise accessibility and opportunities to respond.

For the initial research in 2019 two surveys were created, one for registered customers and one for those who were unregistered. To reach as many people as possible the surveys were available on the merseyflow website and at the physical Walk in Centres, which are largely used by the elderly and those with no access to technology.

In 2021 we further developed our approach to measure changes in customer satisfaction since the re-opening of the Silver Jubilee Bridge and the introduction of the Quick-Pay app. Channels were expanded to add email opt-in and the app and the survey process was streamlined into one survey with multiple pathways to allow for easy analysis and reporting.


The 2019 survey gathered 1,600 responses. These were analysed and we provided a detailed report to the client. The executive summary we produced was presented to merseyflow, its client – the Mersey Gateway Crossing Board, and other stakeholders. The summary identified positive and negative sentiments about the Mersey Gateway Bridge, and highlighted key stats relating to views on merseyflow, payment rules and systems, and the merseyflow website.

The 2021 survey is still ongoing, with 1,900 responses recorded so far. Evaluation of results will follow a similar approach to the previous survey and a detailed report will be provided, analysed by user and account type, and an executive summary provided to give a snapshot of key feedback.

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image of case study
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