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11 11, 2014

Time is of the essence – Khan and Weil

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Its’ important not to become entrenched in what we think, we should do, as designers and artists, it’s important to listen to other disciplines. This can only enhance what we do as agencies. The Design Museum is a fantastic example, lines are blurred, boundaries are broken and this place brings all walks of life […]

22 09, 2014

Why ‘Use a professional’ is a campaign that matters in PR as well as with the Law Society

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DTW is in the media today, with the focus on our new client The Law Society – we’re delivering a major PR and marketing campaign for it across England and Wales.

The national ‘Use a Professional’ campaign, which is launching across England and Wales this month, is to promote private practice or high street solicitors […]

16 09, 2014

Not enough time in the day…

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Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Dribbble, Instagram… everyday designers, artists, illustrators, makers and doers around the world post their creations online for us to appreciate. While this can often prove a vital resource for inspiration, there are a number of catches when browsing and posting art and design online…

The first problem is that what you […]

3 09, 2014

Lost and Found on the Southbank

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After three heavy filming days, confined to the foot well of the cramped car and a less than ideal temperature, my artistic leash was unfastened by my directors. I was set loose around some poignant, cultural and stimulating exhibitions.

I packed up the cameras, notebook and complimentary tickets. I declined the idea of a hot […]

14 08, 2014

CIPR election time is nearly upon us – and you can vote for Chris

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Vote for me! Yes, it is nearly time for another round of CIPR elections, except this year, it’s all different. Sort of. There will be a new-look slimmed down CIPR Council in 2015 which is a good thing.

But that has presented a challenge for current President Stephen Waddington and the new Chief Executive Alastair […]

31 07, 2014

Happy holidays

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It’s the holiday summer season so we asked the #TeamDTW about their best & worst holidays, top travel tips and why we don’t miss the soggy camping trips of their youth.

When it comes to favourite destinations, most of the DTW gang take the Pet Shop Boys advice and Go West. Yosemite National Park, Barbados, […]