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18 11, 2016

CECA infrastructure vision offers positive future for the north east

Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. OK, so Philip Hammond hasn’t made his autumn statement yet but listening to the mood music it wouldn’t be huge surprise if he stole a soundbite from Tony Blair and tweaked it a bit next Wednesday. So, it was fascinating to hear from some of the region’s key players at CECA North [...]

12 10, 2016

What Is Thumb-Stopping Creative?

How Instagram wants us to create engaging content whilst giving them our money. The Simply Measured LIFT Conference in Seattle came to a close with a keynote from <American Buzzword> Head of Monetization </American Buzzword> at Instagram, Vishal Shah. Whilst it wasn’t the most inspiring speeches of the whole conference, there was a key takeaway [...]

12 09, 2016

Elections, just like buses…..

Elections – just like buses, none for ages and then…… There’s been enough chatter about the US Presidential election just on this side of the pond to last for the next forty years, never mind four. Most of it is none too flattering for either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. I won’t even mention the Labour Party leadership (deep sigh). […]

22 07, 2016

Twitter Verification For Everyone

Twitter verification for the masses!  The gap between the privileged few, and the majority of lowly users is fading - no more will there be an ‘us and them’ atmosphere; freedom and equality is coming to the masses! For many, getting a verified Twitter account can make a significant validation of a brand’s reputation. Unlike [...]