Don’t cause a Bincident! New fire prevention campaign for ESA launches

Graphic of barbecue in pop art style with text reading "Don't cause a bincident" and "Dispose of your bbq ashes safely". Environmental Services Association logo in the bottom right corner.

DTW have joined forces again with partner agency Different Bears to create a public awareness summer fire prevention campaign for the Environmental Services Association (ESA)

Although fires present a risk for local authorities and recycling and waste managers all year round, it is during the summer months that the incidence rate for more significant waste fires increases because fires spread more quickly through drier waste material and there are additional seasonal sources of ignition present in the waste (for example BBQ ashes, camping gas etc). 

To address the most common causes of recycling and waste fires, the campaign highlights the dangers associated with the following items and signpost their correct disposal routes: 

  • Compressed gas – (ie camping gas, BBQ gas and nitrous oxide) 
  • BBQ and firepit ashes 
  • Cigarette lighters and matches 
  • Batteries and electronic devices (please note that these waste streams are also subject to the ESA’s standalone Take Charge campaign) 
  • Flammable liquids (ie petrol, lighter fluid, alcohol) 
  • Vape devices 

With the campaign asset designs including safe disposal information that is generic at a national level or alternative disposal instructions specific to the stakeholders areas. 

With the campaign being delivered primarily through organic social media sharing, we created a range of bold, attention-grabbing, and colourful visuals which aim to invoke a “summer vibe” while being immediately legible in respect of the issue/messaging. 

The campaign launched in June urges stakeholders to use and share these graphics on their own channels over the summer months – June, July, August and into September.