Stakeholder Engagement and Planning Support





Stakeholder Engagement and Planning Support


Community Engagement
Public Affairs


Infrastructure​, Regeneration and Energy



The Brief

To support planning applications and construction across a wide range of sites across the north of England and Scotland, providing proactive media and community relations, PR and design support around new and existing facilities.

This included running comprehensive pre- and post-application consultation programmes for major planning developments.

Our Work

We’ve worked with SUEZ for almost two decades, providing strategic support on planning applications and major new facilities and developing video and animation to showcase its solutions.

Every community is different so the solutions change, but the approach remains the same.

We listen, we engage, we respond and speak in plain English. We’re proactive in identifying and reaching out to and consulting individuals and communities that will feel impacted by proposals and we engage positively with politicians and the media – we don’t want them to have any nasty surprises, and we want them to trust SUEZ as the source of accurate and reliable information.


Projects we have supported that have been granted planning permission include:

  • 2 x energy-from-waste facilities at Billingham in the Tees Valley (taking waste from Northumberland, Teesside and South Tyne and Wear).
  • 3 x other energy-from-waste facilites in Huddersfield, Perthshire and Aberdeenshire.
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) treatment facility at Stoneyhill, Aberdeenshire.
  • A MRF at West Sleekburn in Northumberland.
  • 20 new applications and proposal to develop, close or move HWRCs across the north of England.
  • 11 x new applications and proposals to develop and extend the life of landfill sites across the north of England.

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