What do our clients think about DTW? Three little words that mean so much….

Word cloud of positive descriptors from client survey 2023

No, I’m not talking about those three little words, but I am talking about something that means an awful lot to us here at #TeamDTW.

Great. Client. Feedback.

We do an annual client survey and one of the most revealing and valuable sets of answers is what people say when we ask “If you had to describe DTW in three words, what would you say?”

Well (and apologies for blowing our trumpet on this occasion) the team is more than a little bit blown away by the answers which you can see summarised in the graphic above.

Professional, creative, experts. That’s three of the most popular, but I could genuinely pick any three from that list and be equally delighted. We couldn’t have made it up if we tried (even though we’re passionate hard-working creative types). 

It really means a lot and we’ve said a big thanks to everyone who participated.

We asked a few other questions as well, and here’s the headlines from what the respondents told us:

  • 96% said they would be extremely likely to recommend DTW to a friend or colleague 
  • 100% rated the quality of our work as excellent
  • 100% rated our responsiveness as excellent
  • 100% rated us top marks as a trusted partner to their team
  • 100% said our team was excellent at meeting their expectations 

It’s great feedback and we’ve shared it with the whole team here. It’s a whole team effort and a testament to the energy and commitment everyone puts in.

Thanks for reading