Welcoming new national membership body and professional association clients to #TeamDTW

Illuminated wall sign in the shape of the word 'Hola'

We’ve had a great start to 2021 at DTW having started work with some important new clients in the membership bodies sector on a range of exciting projects.

So far we’ve started work on projects with a range of new partners including:

  • BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission)
  • ESA (Environmental Services Association)
  • HCEOA (High Court Enforcement Officers Association) 

The projects, along with other work we’re delivering for clients nationally and internationally, have led to us growing the team to boost our animation and public relations teams.

As an agency we’re excited to be working with some of the UK’s leading and most important membership bodies, an area we have a great deal of experience and expertise in. The work we’re delivering ranges from major strategic projects to creative marketing campaigns, which showcases the skills and abilities of our whole team.

To deliver the projects we’ve had to draw upon a range of technology to deal with the ongoing challenges of remote/home working including holding workshops; reviewing animation content and simply catching up for regular meetings. It’s been a challenge at time, but it’s one both the DTW team and our clients have worked together to overcome.

Looking ahead to the next few months, we’ve got some further exciting projects in the pipeline we’re looking forward to delivering which will contribute to further growth for DTW in 2021.