We’re only as good as our clients think we are….

Infographic of 2017 DTW client survey results

Every year we do a client survey to get feedback on how we’re doing. Obviously we’re in regular contact with clients all year round but the annual survey is an important touchstone for us to make sure that all our key client contacts have the opportunity to sit back and tell us what they think.

Some of the numbers are below, and they’re great, but it’s the informal feedback, testimony and little golden nuggets of suggestions for improvements that can be really valuable.

Being honest and sharing results (good or bad) and giving people feedback where they’ve taken the time to contribute is really important too. Miss that bit out and your credibility starts to suffer.

Authenticity is the comms buzzword of 2017 but the thing about authenticity is it has to apply in word and deed – it’s no good having an incredible website full of promises if the client’s experience doesn’t match up to it.

Thanks for reading.