DTW MD Chris Taylor re-appointed to CIPR Council

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Hi – Chris here – I’ve just been appointed to the council of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (no election needed this year). The CIPR is an important body that leads the PR profession, not just in the UK but across the globe.

A copy of my CIPR candidate statement is below. All comments and feedback welcome – whether you’re a member or not.

We’ve got a great new President-elect in Jenni Field and a strong line-up on Council for the next two years to take the public relations profession forward.

Strategy. Leadership. Ethics. These are the cornerstones of the CIPR’s new-look chartership assessment day. I can’t think of three better words to sum up what the CIPR must focus on for the next two years.

Strategy– I’m a huge supporter of the drive to position PR as a strategic management function – otherwise the robots will take our jobs. Our skills are in demand, but never has there been more people (or machines) who think they can ‘do PR’.

Leadership– we’re suffering from a lack of effective leadership in public life. Now that ‘the experts’ are fighting back, the CIPR has a real opportunity to carve out a position for the UK as an international centre of excellence for the PR profession with the CIPR at its heart.

Ethics– the CIPR has always led the way in promoting ethical standards. We need to maintain that by continuing the drive to professionalism. Truth, transparency and authenticity have never been more important or more challenged and our profession has to lead the way.

Our core commitment remains the same – PR is the discipline that looks after reputation. That means speaking truth to power, saying the unsayable and always using our eyes and ears to understand before opening our mouths to give professional advice.

If I am elected to Council I will:

  • ensure the CIPR keeps its focus on professionalism, making a modern, meaningful and responsive CPD system at the core of our work.
  • support the leadership team whilst ensuring that the needs of ordinary members remain at the heart of the CIPR’s mission
  • help ensure the CIPR maintains its high ethical standards in a challenging and fast-moving environment
  • ensure a strong voice for regional and sectoral groups.

To become a predominantly chartered profession we must engage with decision makers and people outside of the industry to showcase the value that PR, and CIPR members in particular, bring to society.

We’re getting there – we’re increasing the numbers of people doing CPD, becoming accredited and, crucially, getting chartered status, every year.

I’m a Chartered Practitioner (if you’re thinking of doing it – go for it and #getchartered). I fell into the CIPR family 14 (gulp!) years ago because my new boss told me it was a good idea – he was right.

Since then I’ve been Chair of the North East group for three years, and been a Council member for the past eight.

For the past two years I’ve also played an active role on the Professional Development and Membership Committee.

As for my day job, that is Managing Director of DTW– we’re a strategic PR consultancy based in the north of England working in the infrastructure, public sector and membership organisation sectors. If you want to know more about me catch up with me on twitter @dtwchris.

It’s 14 years since I joined the CIPR. The world has changed a lot since then. As CIPR members we need to lead the way and set high professional standards. I’d like to continue to play my part.