CIPR election time is nearly upon us – and you can vote for Chris

Hand Dropping a Ballot Card into the Vote Box

Vote for me! Yes, it is nearly time for another round of CIPR elections, except this year, it’s all different. Sort of. There will be a new-look slimmed down CIPR Council in 2015 which is a good thing.

But that has presented a challenge for current President Stephen Waddington and the new Chief Executive Alastair McCapra and their team in maintaining the links between the CIPR’s many sectoral and regional groups and the national Council.

So a new electoral system (yippee) and plenty of different options for CIPR members to use their vote – please do if you are a CIPR member – recent turnouts have been shockingly low.

So, as an added incentive to increase turnout (ahem) – this year you can vote for me.

Why would you do that?

Well, you can read my full statement (other candidates are available) on the CIPR website, but basically this would be a formal role representing the English regions on the council and an exciting new opportunity.

Why am I bothering? Partly to give something back, partly because I think I have something to offer and partly to work with some great fellow PR’s on the Council. The extract below is from my statement:

Almost all of the best people I’ve come across in this industry are CIPR members, whether you are in-house, agency and freelancers. In my opinion most members (especially those who have taken the time to read this) get why the CIPR has such an important role to play in our fast-changing industry.

To new members or those who haven’t really got involved in the CIPR before I would say come on, dive in, the water’s beautiful. It really is an organisation where the more you put in the more you get out.

The CIPR is a great institution. The industry has a great opportunity to be at the heart of good work to build trust and maintain reputation for years to come if we get this right. The CIPR matters. If you work in the industry you should be part of the solution.