All treat and no tricks – how our latest creative campaign brought batteries back from the dead

Woman viewing infographic from the Take Charge battery recycling campaign on her iPad

Sometimes when you’re developing a creative for a campaign, the stars align in terms of subject matter, objectives and, in the case of one of our latest projects at least, the time of year.

Just ahead of Halloween, the Environmental Services Association’s Take Charge campaign launch with a creative theme developed by DTW centred around zombie batteries. We worked closely with the ESA team and our partner agency Different Bears, who developed the strategic approach and managed implementation for the campaign.

Taking a potentially highly serious topic – fires caused by incorrectly recycling lithium batteries can cause millions of pounds worth of damage to recycling facilities as well as endangering the lives of the people who work there – we developed a creative which, whilst communicating the importance of the message to “recycle batteries responsibly” also had a topical and attention grabbing element to it with the reference to zombies.

The campaign launch resulted in worldwide media coverage and thousands of visits to the campaign website in the days following launch.

It’s been a great example of how, as an agency, we work in partnership with other talented communicators and our clients to develop a campaign that has already had a huge impact in raising awareness of an issue, achieving some highly impressive KPIs along the way. 

If you want to find out more about the work we did on the Take Charge campaign, you can read our campaign case study.