An exciting time to be from the Tees Valley


It’s great to see that exciting things are happening down at Teesworks – the UK’s largest industrial zone – with the enormous SeAH Wind Ltd factory going up at pace.

DTW was invited on a tour of the site as part of a supplier event organised by Teesworks and Decerna, supported by Tees Valley Net Zero and Tees Valley Supply Chain.

It was a great day, giving local businesses the opportunity to network and see first-hand the progress that’s being made on the Teesworks site, with the SeAH Wind factory already stretching 800m, with another 100m still to be built.

Work is also progressing to get the site ready for BP’s blue and green hydrogen plants, along with the installation of British Steel’s electric arc furnace at Lackenby.

The potential for the Tees Valley jobs and skills market is huge. The investment will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs in the long-term, along with business opportunities for thousands of people involved in the supply chain.

The career possibilities for our young people, who are currently at school, college or university, and those who are even younger, are going to be significant.  

Investment on this scale doesn’t happen overnight, so it may be a while before we reap the full benefits, but it certainly looks like progress is being made on site.        

Thanks to Decerna for the great presentation and advice about the importance of sustainability in any business growth plans, along with information about applying for a free carbon reduction plan and £2k grant to improve the carbon emissions of businesses in the Tees Valley. We certainly plan to take advantage of that.