Blog: Social Regulators Roundtable


Communications professionals from a wide variety of regulatory organisations gathered in London yesterday for the first ever Social Regulators Roundtable. DTW and Digital Allies were honoured to be invited by the hosts – the Solicitors Regulation Authority – to help facilitate the day. Collectively, we explored the issues and challenges facing regulators on social media, [...]

Video: Road Safety GB North East – A689 Route Guide


A689 Route Guide DTW worked with Road Safety GB North East to a road safety video aimed at motorcyclists in the North East of England. Using a combination of aerial, roadside and on-bike filming, we created a route guide for one of the most problematic route in the region for motorcycle accidents. Our aim was [...]

Video: Law Society – Legal advert


Legal advert DTW worked with the Law Society to produce two adverts demonstrating the positive effect a solicitor can have on someones life. We worked with actors to create scenes covering several areas of law, showing the characters in a happy place after consulting a solicitor. Our aim was to create an advert with an [...]

Video: Law Society Business Animation


Law Society Business Animation This animation was created  for the Law Society as part of the Use a Professional campaign, promoting the value of using a solicitor to the public. The two key aims of this animation were to encourage business owners to use a solicitor to rectify their legal issues and to get them [...]

Blog: The power of animation in our latest TV advert


We’re a multi-talented bunch here at DTW and we’ve had great fun creating illustrations for, and animating, our latest advert for the Law Society’s ‘Use a professional. Use a solicitor’ campaign. The advert, which launched on ITV Player this month, highlights how wills are not just for old people – everyone should have one! (Turn [...]

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