Project Description

The Pothole-spotter project and its learning aim to revolutionise the way councils undertake highways maintenance.

The Department for Transport | Pothole Spotter | Explainer video from DTW on Vimeo.

Launched in January 2017, the system uses high-definition cameras, mounted to refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), buses and bikes to capture regular, detailed images of the same sections of the highways network.

DTW were commissioned by PCSG, who lead on communications for the project, to produce an easy-to-understand infographic and animation about the system which was delivered in partnership with Thurrock, York and Wiltshire councils and with private-sector SMEs, Gaist and SOENECS.

This pioneering Pothole-spotter trial which aims to help councils find a ‘smarter’ way of managing and reducing potholes and other highways defects, has secured a prestigious award. The project was named winner of the ‘Best Use of New Technology’ category at the Highways Awards 2017.

“DTW’s Pothole Spotter animation was simple, creative and hugely effective. It was critical in showcasing to government, the media and stakeholders how our new technology is being trialled and the potential to improve road safety and save lives by revolutionising the way potholes are identified and managed.”  

Dr. David Greenfield, Programme Director – Pothole-spotter & MD SOENECS


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