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Solicitor Brand Campaign 2019


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January 2019 - December 2019

The brief

We’ve developed and implemented the Law Society’s annual Solicitor Brand campaign for six years through to 2020.

The aims have been to:

  • promote the solicitor brand to consumers, businesses and commissioners of legal services across England and Wales
  • promote solicitors over other legal providers, and
  • encourage people to use a solicitor for any legal issues.

What we did

Our strategy throughout has been to educate, inform and inspire our audiences to drive them to use a solicitor.

Using our ‘Solicitors: Here to Help’ strapline in 2019, we ran a national campaign right across England and Wales.

We designed simple but high-impact creatives. featuring videos and photos of real solicitors and clients to maximise authenticity.

Alongside this we brought legal issues to life in an engaging way, using quirky creatives to convey serious messages through the use of iconography, illustration and animation.

These were featured in editorial and advertising content across TV, radio, social media,  Spotify, press and outdoor channels.


The 2019 Solicitor Brand Campaign achieved:

  • 11.2 million social media impressions
  • 295,710 social media interactions and engagements
  • 787,825 quality video views across Facebook and Twitter
  • A reach of 21.8 million through bus and rail station advertising
  • 87.1 million passengers reached through interior rail, tram and tube adverts
  • 1.5 million households reached through VOD advertising
  • 61 million radio advert impressions reaching 6.7 million people
  • 2 million people reached through regional newspaper advertising
  • 583,676 online advert impressions
  • 64,308 video adverts on Spotify
  • 150,144 static adverts on Spotify and 300,085 audio adverts on Spotify
  • 2,107 clicks on Spotify adverts


social media interactions and engagements

11.2 million

social media impressions

61 million

radio advert impressions

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image of case study
image of case study