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July 2015 - March 2020

The Brief

DTW was commissioned by the SRA to carry out a major review of its social media activity with internal and external stakeholders from which a new social vision was developed and the SRA’s ‘social media advocates’ programme was formed.

Our Work

The aim of the programme is to enable, encourage and mobilise SRA employees to share SRA messages and content via their personal and professional social media channels.

Volunteers and potential advocates are identified from across the SRA’s business functions and taken through a programme of training and development led by DTW to help them understand the SRA’s use of social media and how they can support it through their own activity.

Ongoing support and guidance were provided to both the SRA’s digital team and the advocates themselves, helping the programme to further grow and flourish as it develops.


To date, we have delivered training for almost 100 advocates and in 2019 alone content shared through the programme has generated over 2000 engagements and an estimated earned media value of over £8,500.

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Shares by advocates

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2.44 million

Campaign reach

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Clicks through to content

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