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Regulation Change digital campaign


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September 2019 - December 2019

The Brief

DTW was commissioned to develop and implement a digital-focused communications and marketing campaign targeting consumers and businesses, raising awareness of the changes to the way the Solicitors Regulation Authority regulated solicitors and legal professionals in England and Wales.

The changes included a requirement for regulated firms to display a special ‘Clickable Logo’ on their website.

Our Work

Working closely alongside the SRA’s in house digital team, we developed a cross-platform digital campaign which closely integrated with direct outreach activity the SRA was carrying out with firms to promote uptake of the clickable logo.

To provide a simple, yet effective way of driving engagement, our creative centred on a short animation that set out the changes in an easy to understand way. The animation was then used as the basis of a range of social media graphics and shorter animated assets used across campaign channels.

Targeted advertising activity was delivered across Google Display and Video Networks, LinkedIn and Facebook, driving traffic to tailored landing pages which allowed us to benchmark the quality of the visits and refine our approach as the campaign progressed.

Real-time reporting on the success of the campaign was facilitated through an online dashboard, allowing the SRA team access to key campaign metrics and KPIs whenever they needed.


We delivered a strong and coordinated campaign which drove large volumes of traffic through to the SRA website to learn more about the changes. In total we generated in excess of 80,000 clicks through to the landing pages, almost 200,000 views of the full animation and over 800,000 views of short form animated content.

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