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August 2019 - October 2020

The Brief

Legal Choices is a consumer facing website run by England and Wales’ legal services regulators. It provides members of the public and businesses with easy to understand information about their options when it comes to dealing with legal matters.

DTW was enlisted in Autumn 2019 to deliver an ambitious programme of digital marketing with the aims of

  • generating 1.7 million visits to the website by the end of October 2020
  • raising wider awareness of the site amongst consumers and businesses who have a need for legal advice
  • launching two new tools on the website – a legal dictionary and a chatbot designed to help people at risk of eviction.

Our Work

We devised a campaign strategy focused on a combination of Google Search, Google Display and Facebook advertising. Strategy and planning took place during late 2019, with campaign activity launching in Spring 2020. This included graphics based adverts, search listings and promoted articles based advertising.

Our focus was on minimising cost-per-click (CPC) whilst driving high quality traffic to the website – measured through time on page, scroll depth and bounce rate.

The rapid emergence of Covid-19 in spring 2020 meant we had to react quickly and change our approach to the campaign. This included pausing all activity relating to the eviction chatbot when the government placed a ban on residential evictions.

We shifted the focus to developing in-depth topical written articles to fill the substantial gaps in information that quickly appeared around legal issues relating to the pandemic. We linked the articles to specific landing pages on the legal dictionary, encouraging visitors to navigate deeper into the site and utilise the dictionary to understand the legal terms referred to in the articles.

We worked with legal experts to provide this essential and topical information to consumers and businesses and we profiled audience groups on Facebook to ensure advertising was delivered to the right audiences in a timely, topical and relevant way.

As the campaign progressed, we evolved the content to cover topical legal advice on issues including furlough and redundancy as well as broader topical issues such as weddings and moving house during the pandemic.


We exceeded the target of 1.7 million sessions, achieving 2.8 million sessions by mid-October 2020. This accounted for 95% of the site’s overall traffic during the campaign period with an average cost per click of £0.09 across all channels. Both CPC and CTR outperformed benchmarking averages for the Legal industry with the campaign’s average CPC for Display ads 5.5 times lower, Search ads 11 times lower and Facebook ads 14 times lower.

Whilst CPC remained low, the quality of traffic remained high. Quality tracking of visits showed an average time on page of over three minutes on the written articles and over four minutes on the legal dictionary demonstrating the accuracy of the targeting and the value of this content to the site’s visitors.

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2.2 million

Website sessions

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Average CPC

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3 minute

Average time on page

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image of case study