Business Energy Efficiency Project

Durham County Council


Durham County Council


Business Energy Efficiency Project


Social Media


Infrastructure​, Regeneration and Energy


May 2017 - September 2019

The Brief

DTW was appointed by Durham County Council to deliver a creative marketing and public relations campaign to engage businesses across the county to help them invest in an energy efficient future as part of its Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP).

Our aims were to raise awareness of the programme amongst SMEs and generate enquiries to the project team. This would lead to an increased investment in energy efficient projects across the county, benefitting local businesses and the environment.

Our Work

Working closely with the in-house BEEP delivery team, we designed and delivered a campaign which ran across digital and offline channels and engaged with businesses across the county.

Our simple key message and call to action of “get in touch to find out more about making your business energy efficient” and accompanying creative solutions were combined and put to use across a dynamic campaign. This included a bespoke microsite, social media content, public and media relations activity and a suite of literature targeted at engaging SMEs across the county.

This freed up BEEP team members to focus on dealing with inbound enquiries that were being generated, rather than having to proactively spend their time chasing cold leads.


Over the lifetime of the campaign, in excess of 200 businesses in County Durham were supported through the BEEP programme, with over £350,000 invested in new technologies by SMEs. DTW’s work on the campaign resulted in a 416% increase in organic impressions and a 100% increase in organic engagements across campaign social media channels.

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Businesses supported

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Increase in organic impressions

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Invested in new technologies by SMEs

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