Annual Report Brand Development and Design

ESA – Environmental Services Association


ESA – Environmental Services Association


Annual Report Brand Development and Design




Infrastructure​, Regeneration and Energy
Membership Organisations and Regulatory Bodies​


September - November 2020

The Brief

DTW was appointed to support the Environmental Services Association (ESA) on design of its first annual report, setting out a forward-looking strategy for the environment sector in the UK and the role of the organisation within that.

In addition video content was to support the launch, summarising the key messages from the report.

Our Work

Starting with a blank canvas, we developed a design approach for the annual report document that made it accessible to multiple stakeholders within the environmental services industry, as well as political stakeholders and the public.

Using the chosen creative style for the report, we developed an accompanying set of brand guidelines to ensure future documents and reports published by the ESA follow a similar style and approach.

To support the launch of the report, we produced a film featuring interviews with key ESA members and stakeholders, including DEFRA, summarising the key content of the report. Versions of the film were delivered for use at a member-only launch event and for wider media distribution.


The Annual report was published in November 2020, and helped the ESA to set the agenda for the coming 12 months which includes important challenges for the industry such as dealing with the ongoing impact of Brexit and the COP-26 conference in the Autumn of 2021.

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