Lost and Found on the Southbank

Bold, punchy artwork from exhibit on London's Southbank

After three heavy filming days, confined to the foot well of the cramped car and a less than ideal temperature, my artistic leash was unfastened by my directors. I was set loose around some poignant, cultural and stimulating exhibitions.

IMG_2786I packed up the cameras, notebook and complimentary tickets. I declined the idea of a hot tube and plumped for an on foot foray of optical delights.

London definitely did not disappoint. I’m a little lost on the Southbank and I feel like I have walked into uninvited rave, as I am party to an explosion of neon stripes and geometric revelry.

An impromptu feast of shapes and colourways, these would be my inspirational epiphany. A whole memorised mood board, was being built and ready to pass on to team members for our creative den, which is under construction as we speak.

IMG_2791An awe inspiring construction of typography and multi leveled graphics lured me in to explore. Artists, communities and partners had come together and transformed the Thames side site with installations and artworks (featured in Creative Review).

The artist Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan, shower me in a riot of bright colours, a place of celebration and love for humanity to conquer hate – something we could all do with right now.


I had no choice but to smile and be happy, with an energized spring in my step, The images are captured and stored to help influence styles and ideas within the office.

IMG_2785I turn around the corner to find a random lonely chair, perfectly placed in the most contrasting setting. Swaddled in street art and placed in the center of the skate park. How did it arrive? Where is it going? I place my self on the seat and take in the messages, stories and statements.

This is the height of using visualisation for clever communication, albeit smelling of p*ss from where the homeless sleep every night, it seems to add to the social impact and impact of the political messages being spoken through illustration.

Each of my senses are heightened, as I have eaten my visual starter before I head off to the Tate for my mind filling, main course.