Looking after your elderly neighbours

Photo of Gisborough Priory against blue summer sky

As DTW marks its 30th year in business there’s a significantly bigger birthday going on over our garden wall. Our neighbour Gisborough Priory is celebrating 900 years.

Gisborough Priory is an English Heritage site which is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who catalogue, restore and host events on this historic site. To launch its 900th year, DTW joined forces to help produce a timeline, which is displayed in the visitor centre, detailing the many events the priory has endured through its turbulent lifetime.

We were happy to give our services free of charge as it’s important to look out for your elderly neighbours.

If you want to know more check out the work of the Gisborough Priory Project– they do a great job.

PS – the spelling pedants amongst you (we know who you are and we salute you – you are amongst friends here!) might think we have a challenge spelling our home town.

But don’t worry, it’s OK.

Guisborough is the correct spelling for the place and for our address, but very confusingly Gisborough is the correct spelling for the Priory (and the nearby Gisborough Hall Hotel).

Don’t you love the English language!

Thanks for reading