Food for thought – the attention grabbing vegan campaign

Photo of person reading a magazine with a cup of tea and bowl of cereal

All communications professionals can all agree on one thing – a marketing campaign needs to provoke an emotional response.

A successful, thought provoking campaign will lead to an action. Be it as big as a call for political change, or as small as buying a different type of milk for your morning cuppa.

Taking provocation to the next level

But what about the industry that’s doing both – and taking provocation to the next level?

Meatless Farm, amongst other vegan food brands, is going all-out with fearless campaign messaging.

According to Nielsen, Meatless Farm is the fastest growing UK brand in a sector that is seeing annual growth of about 10%, having almost tripled its sales in the last year.

The brand’s new M*** F*** campaign, a very literal example of provoking campaign, will directly challenge meat eaters to make the swap to its veggie products as ‘change tastes great’. It will be supported not only by print and digital advertising but also by branded electric cars driving through London and a TV ad, which will appear on Channel 4 throughout August and September.

As well as being provoking with its suggestion of offensive language, the campaign is sure to ruffle the feathers of farmers and life-long meat advocates alike.

Offensive or inspired?

But if a campaign is afraid to offend or challenge views, how can it be a success?

This is something we’ll certainly see more of, even in mainstream sectors, as consumer behaviour continues to change dramatically.

A high quality product is no longer enough to win over your target audience. Many consumers now want to support brands that align with their personal values.

It’s no coincidence, therefore, that the vegan food industry is a thriving example of a new way of marketing – combining the call for a more sustainable future with fun and fearless campaigns.

And I, speaking for the veg-heads at DTW, love to see it.

Thanks for reading!