Delivering success for you – DTW’s Strategic Communications Model

Photograph of a laptop computer on a desk with a graphic of the DTW strategic communications model on the screen

We’re kicking off 2024 by sharing our DTW Strategic Communications Model.

It’s our own unique model that we use to deliver strategic communications and marketing services to our clients – where we work collaboratively with them to help solve their biggest challenges.

The model reflects the delivery of bespoke solutions that we’ve been providing to clients for many years. It captures what we’re about and what we do in three distinct stages that set out how we work for our clients to ensure that everything we’re doing has a purpose and impact. 

It works by us collaboratively:

  1. Analysing our client’s challenges
  2. Creating targeted solutions
  3. Engaging our client’s audiences

It helps us devise and deliver the appropriate bespoke solutions, because it’s not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Every organisation is different. Objectives vary, the context changes massively, and the in-house expertise and external resources available are never the same.

However – delivering success requires a focused and professional approach to communications and marketing to properly identify and meet the challenge.

That’s why our Strategic Communications Model really works for us. We hope it inspires you and helps you to really look at the challenges you’re trying to solve to help prioritise your communications efforts.

Feel free to use this model to tackle your own challenges – though this is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s more detail that sits underneath this top layer that we use to work through it with clients.

if you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with me at or you can read more about our approach on the DTW Strategic Communications Model section of our website. 

Thanks for reading.