Delivering results through social media

Social media – it’s just noise, fake news and a data protection disaster isn’t it? It can be, if you get it wrong. Get it right and you’ll find that social media can enhance your reputation and help find new friends, influencers and customers.

We have helped clients create and deliver award-winning social media strategies that are fresh, creative and innovative.

We offer a range of social media services including:

When you want to make your current social media thrive, or just need a helping hand to get your social strategy off the ground, we can provide strategic solutions to make your ideas a reality.

We will work with your organisation to help bring out the best of your social media activity, from working with the team to get the best ideas, to demonstrating the real value of social media to key stakeholders.

We offer onsite support, regular check and challenges, and help plan out campaigns and ideas to make sure you’re confident in achieving your social media objectives.

Our tailored courses will give you the knowledge to transform your social media channels and your whole approach to social overnight.

We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced social media courses designed to fit your needs and knowledge level.

What will we cover? We have specialised social media courses that cover the following topics:

Topic Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Introduction to social media platforms
Using social media for business
Strategic thinking
Content creation
Social media on the move
Analytics and evaluation
Crisis communication
Event management

Our bespoke Employee Advocacy programmes will get your employees sharing and posting the content that matters to your organisation.

From training on how to use the social media platforms, to championing their sharing successes, we can help you get the most out of your employee advocates and reach your social media goals.

We deliver ongoing support to your team and employees (both onsite and off)  so everyone feels confident in clicking, posting and sharing their way to great social media engagement.

When you just can’t think how to write the perfect post, our team of social media stars will get your social media content shining.

Using the best content planning tools, we can bring your strategy into a reality by writing engaging posts. We’ll design the most thumb-stopping creatives for your organisation’s social media channels that will leave your followers clicking, liking and sharing.

We will provide you with templates of our designs so you have the freedom to adapt the content to your campaigns, adding variety to your posts.

If you struggle to keep up with the demands of social media, we can provide support in managing all your social media channels to make sure no comment is left unturned.

We’ll plan, schedule and respond to your customers queries to help support you in achieving your social media goals.

Know your page likes from your post likes? Your comments from your consumptions? We love data and will create interesting and engaging social media reports that will showcase your fantastic social media work.

Using the best social media analytics tools out there, we’ll dive into your data and report the figures that really matter, demonstrating the real value of social. We’ll provide you with monthly, weekly or daily reports so you know where you are with your campaigns.

We’ll provide training on the meanings behind those metrics, which report is best to use, and the best and easiest way to get a quality report to show off your social media achievements.