We offer a complete and comprehensive communications and engagement service across the health and social care sector, delivering real results for NHS Trusts, CSUs and CCGs.

Our experience covers large-scale consultation, through market research and real time patient experience gathering, to internal communications and crisis media management.

Everyone loves the NHS, and even more people have an opinion about it – often more than two at once. Communications and engagement with patients, relatives, partners and politicians is often a challenge as a result.

Public health has never been higher up the national agenda, and the pressure on the resources needed to deliver the crucial services has never been greater.

That makes successful campaign work that makes a real difference to health outcomes a valuable asset. We’d love to work with you to make a difference in your area.

Buying our services

If you’d like to work with us but have to navigate procurement procedures, we’re registered on ESPO’s 664 Consultancy Services framework – a leading national framework for marketing, communications and PR which gives a simple option for you to compliantly and efficiently buy our services. Find out more.